The indoor pollution is an increasingly widespread problem because of the misuse of artificial cement and boost insulation and excessive secrecy in the new buildings, preventing in this way, natural ventilation of the building. It’s named “sick building syndrome,” a term defined by the World Health Organization as a group of diseases caused by air pollution in these closed spaces.

In Tigre Natural Cement are convinced of the benefits of a healthy natural building and, a discipline that enhances well-being and quality of life of people inside the building, which is why we manufacture all-natural products that promote natural exchange of air and steam between inside and outside the building, ensuring the health of the building and the people living inside. The range of Natural Hydraulic Lime acts as a bactericide Tigre and prevents fungal growth, properties of lime to help avoid “sick building syndrome.”

Natural Hydraulic Lime Tigre

Based Canstruction

Conventional Cement

In a building erected conventional cement-based, the walls act as barriers to water vapor which prevents building transpire and favor the creation of an atmosphere of discomfort may cause various diseases.

Besides the generation of humidity inside can not be removed easily, resulting in condensation which can seriously impair the useful life and health of the building.

Based construction

Natural Hydraulic Lime Tigre

The water vapor permeability of the Natural Hydraulic Lime Tigre, perspiration facilitates the building, which favors the creation of a welfare indoor climate more comfortable and healthy quality of life improves.

Furthermore, the low conductivity of the Natural Hydraulic Lime Tigre, allowing energy savings in heating and cooling of up to 30% compared to using conventional cements.