The Company


Since 1945 we are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of two lines of natural products for building: Natural Hydraulic Lime and Cement Natural. Both product lines are betting on a traditional build more sustainable and healthier.

Over the years we have seen the growth of various industries engaged in the manufacture of cement-based chemicals. They were moving dozens of Spanish companies dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of natural lime and cement, due in large part to the higher strength characteristics that could offer their products.

Resistant characteristics that, in most cases, they were absolutely unnecessary and have forgotten the health of the environment, buildings and people.

However, in many cases, has maintained the use of Natural Hydraulic Lime and Natural Cement for restorations and rehabilitations of historic buildings to preserve the fidelity of their origin. Over time, both products have exhibited greater durability and preservation of these buildings, which has again revolutionized the way of building.

Currently, natural products re-emerge with force.

Natural Hydraulic Lime is going to impose on new development to ensure the air quality inside buildings.

The natural exchange of water vapor between the inside and outside the building to offer our products, ensures the health of the building and the people who inhabit it.